Service Projects

Join us for upcoming service projects. Your participation can be as simple as greeting people, setting up or cleaning up, giving hands-on support (painting, building, baking, teaching), running errands, etc. Our Kiwanis volunteers have a good time meeting new people while helping individuals and organizations overcome hurdles.   

Signature Service Projects


Helping children with developmental disabilities   
Our signature program, Go Baby Go, aims to help children with developmental disabilities, such as spina bifida, to be more mobile and responsive to their brain's impulses to move about and play among peers. This helps children neurologically and socially. Doctors, engineers, and other volunteers customize and retrofit motorized cars.

Our Sixth Annual Go Baby Go event will be in summer 2020, date TBD pending the Coronavirus mitigation period.  (See News Coverage from prior years)

Contact us if you want to volunteer or sponsor next year's event!